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The Shoebox Project Icontest

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Welcome to sbp_icontest, an icon challenge community dedicated to The Shoebox Project
by ladyjaida and dorkorific. After long-time Shoebox fan vardaofstars made daysweremember read SBP in August 2006, the latter was bitten by the Shoebox Bug (named Hector). However, she was upset when there was no icon challenge community, hence this icontest was born.

Mods/Creators: daysweremember and vardaofstars
Banner Makers: loki_girl and meiki
Layout: lovely job done by meiki

Challenges will basically cover everything Shoebox. They will pull from both the writing itself, dorkorific's illustrations, and the general ships/storyline.
Challenges will be posted every Monday. They will run through the following Sunday at 11 PM EST, when the voting will be posted. Voting will close on that Tuesday.

The awards given out will be based on the number of icons submitted, and are as follows:
3-4 icons: first place
5-6 icons: first & second place
7-10 icons: first, second, and third place
over 10 icons: first, second, and third place plus mod's choice

To see the past challenge winners, look through the community memories

1) When you submit your entry to the contest, your comment must have both the icon and URL. Some good remote hosting sites for your icons are Photobucket and Imageshack. All icons must be no greater than 100x100 pixels or 40 KB.

Example Entry:


2) All entries must remain anonymous until the voting is over, and you cannot "recycle" icons that you previously made.
3) During the voting, no voting for yourself, no multiple accounts, and no campaigning (which would go against Rule 2).
4) You must be a member to enter, but anyone can vote.
5) Please do not join the community unless you actually plan to submit icons. It is very frustrating to have 90 "members" but only 10 people entering contests. If you would just like to vote and admire the beautiful icons, simply watch the community.
6) Use commas or Remus will be very unhappy.

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