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I'm back after a super-long hiatus, but first off...

Here is the voting for Challenge 7: Part Two. Please vote for your one favorite as a comment. You may not vote for yourself or get others to vote for you. Voting will close Tuesday (tomorrow) at 11 PM EST.

o1. o2. o3.

Although I'm on winter break now and will be until the middle of January, I'm changing the timetable of contests a bit to make it easier to manage the community when I go back to school. Challenges will be posted every Monday and run through the following Sunday at 11 PM Eastern. Voting will be posted that Sunday, and it will run through Tuesday night. Other than that, the community should be the same.

Let's get things rolling again! loki_girl and meiki, are y'all still with us? Anyone else who would like to drop a line can do so on the comments and suggestions post. The new challenge will be up in a matter of minutes... happy iconing!
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